Breakthrough Team Building

Turning Work Into Play

All of us have learned the basic principles of team building the same way – through playing childhood games together with our friends. Then, when we are all grown up, we are asked to join a new kind of "team" – we get a job! In the workplace we are asked to be part of a team – but the only team building models we know are those we have haphazardly learned during childhood play.

The language of play is a language that all of us spoke fluently in childhood, but that most of us have forgotten how to speak as adults. In this dynamic and fun-filled session, Matt Weinstein returns to the roots of teambuilding by creating a truly adult-centered "play community" where the participants can re-discover the joy of working and playing together as a team, and learn to create winning teams at work.

Participants in this breakthrough program learn how to be cooperative and share resources, and also learn how competition can have a valuable function in the workplace. They discover the difference between the typical "win/lose" dynamic at work and a "sink-or-swim" experience – an experience where your whole team wins or your whole team loses together, but regardless of outcome, the participants become bonded into a highly functioning team.

This Breakthrough Team Building session is so much fun and elicits so much laughter and excitement and so many "aha!" moments of self-realization that the participants feel like they are being "rewarded and recognized" just by being given the gift of participating!

This super-energizing session is the perfect after-lunch or evening program, where the participants need some mental and physical nourishment and rejuvenation in order to return refreshed to the creative and challenging work of creating a successful meeting. Come prepared to have some serious fun!

Never before have I seen a speaker have so much impact on our group. And never before, in my 13 years in association management and meeting planning have I seen a speaker receive two standing ovations. The first one following your presentation you are obviously aware of; the second came during our closing highlights slide show at the conclusion of the meeting. I put together photos of you, taken during your presentation, across the entire screen. When this came up, about one-third of the way through the show, the audience spontaneously rose and gave you a well deserved, thundering ovation. It was something to witness.

– Employee Relocation Council

Nancy Colasurdo, who is a columnist for Fox Business News attended a Breakthrough Team Building session and wrote a very entertaining and insightful report about the way she was able to apply the playful teachings of the session to her life at work:

The chanting of my name started with one person. And then it grew to two. And then before I knew it, there were 50 people with fists raised and smiles on their faces cheering, “Nancy, Nancy… “

Someone asked me if it was surreal and I could only nod because I was still floating somewhat outside of myself. I was a sports writer for more than a decade and had been in many arenas where people were chanting and cheering, but this was — absurdly — for me in a quest to be the one person in a room filled with about 200 professional coaches who emerged victorious in a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Yes, that’s right. Rock, Paper, Scissors.

You see, Matt Weinstein, the man pegged by People magazine as “The Master of Playfulness,” was the conversation starter on this day of the fifth Conversation Among Masters conference at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, N.C. Considered the foremost authority on the use of fun and humor in team building, he had us out of our seats immediately and didn’t let up for two hours.

So here’s what Weinstein — founder and ‘Emperor’ of the international consulting firm Playfair, Inc. — instructed us to do.

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